All About Switches

Do you have a student who needs to use a switch for access? Do you have a student that needs to progress from cause and effect to scanning? This course is designed to explain what a switch is, how it is used and to identify software that can support your switch user for use on their level and how they progress to the next.

  1. Switches and Switch Interfaces
  2. Switch Software
  3. Switches and iPads
  4. Creating  or Buying your Own Switch
  5. Powerlink


Lesson 1: Switches and Switch Interfaces

A Switch Interface is a device that connect the switch to the device. Most devices (unless specifically design for those with disabilities) do not have a port to connect a switch and so switch interfaces fill that gap. They can also be used as control centers for functions. For example: a computer switch interface will allow different mouse functions to be controlled through different switches. Various switches and switch interfaces can be borrowed for 2-3 weeks from the T.A.S.C. lending library.

Lesson 2: Switch Software

We are getting closer every day to having all programs be switch-accessible, but unfortunately, we still have quite a ways to go. Below are listed a very programs that are switch accessible. If you have any programs you would like to add please mention it in the comments below! 

Lesson 3: Switches & iPads

iPad switch interfaces can be borrowed for 2-3 weeks from T.A.S.C. Lending Library.

Lesson 4: Creating or Buying your own Switch
Anyone can create their own switch. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can print out your own switch (with a few other materials needed) for about $10! Thank you to the UAH Students in the engineering department for creating a wonderful inexpensive Switch design! 


Lesson 5: Powerlink
AT We Love- Powerlink Webinar taught by Laura Schertz, MS, OTR/L, T.A.S.C. (Recorded 02/20/2013)