Accessing Potential Through Assistive Technology

Increasing knowledge, access, and acquisition of assistive technology for Alabamians with disabilities.

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APT AT is bringing an all new assistive technology lending library and state of the art training and demonstrations to you.

WHO | APT AT is a new project managed by the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology program of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services. The services are provided through a federal grant under the  Assistive Technology Act amended in 2004.

WHAT | APT AT is assuming the roles of developing an AT lending library as well as providing AT demonstrations, training, and technical assistance.  

WHERE | Our lending library will be located in the Birmingham ADRS Vocational Rehabilitation office. However, our services are available statewide through in-person or remote efforts.

A man stands next to an exhibit table to speak to the young woman demonstrating technology. the table has a variety of technology displayed.


Our resources are still under construction! Please check back. 


Find our content pages where you can learn more about assistive technology products and services.


A list of funding sources that may be able to help you finance assistive technology.


Find out more about the program that manages the APT AT project.


Find out more about the Assistive Technology Act and the technology assistance programs across the nation.

AT Lending Library

Coming soon to Birmingham, Al: a lending library of AT available for short term loans. Visit our AT4ALL library page to view available items under the APT AT program.

Technical Assistance

Contact us for technical assistance.

Trainings and Demonstrations

Individual or group demonstrations and trainings are available to you at no cost.

Assistive Technology Training

See the latest in assistive technology by visiting our training modules.

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