Our goal is to provide Alabama residents with information about assistive technology devices.


Short term device loans: New items to be added throughout 2022. See what we have available and request a short-term loan at AT4ALL

Assistive technology training: We can provide in-person or remote trainings on a multitude of AT topics as well as coordinate with vendors and other experts for you! We’re available for presentations or exhibits for your school, workplace, or organization’s conferences, seminars, or group trainings.

Technical Assistance: Are you an individual who needs help with your assistive technology device? Are you an employer, school representative, or an organization that would like assistance on assistive technology products or services? Contact Us to see if we can help coordinate or collaborate. If it’s beyond our scope of knowledge we will do our best to locate an expert who can assist you.

Assistive technology demonstration: Request a demonstration of assistive technology devices or software. Our Rehab Engineering and Assistive Technology team has a multitude of devices already available for demonstration as well as a network of vendors and service providers we can collaborate with. Contact Us or request a demonstration through AT4ALL.

Information and referral: Request information about assistive technology or information regarding services you may qualify in our state. Our Rehab Engineering and Assistive Technology Team have over 80 years of combined experience working with all programs of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services as well as other disability service providers. We will do our best to find someone to help you.


Reutilization Centers: STAR partners with community based organizations throughout the state to provide long term loans of durable medical equipment at no cost to the user. Donations of DME equipment are accepted. Find a Reuse Center near you to donate or go to AT4ALL to search for equipment available for loan.

Alternative Finance Program: Alabama’s Alternative Finance Program (The Ability Loan Program) allows applicants to borrow money at low-interest and/or extend the terms for the purchase of assistive technology, adaptive equipment and related services. Find out more about the loan program.

Our services are available via remote or in-person meetings depending on the nature of the request.