Note Taking

This course provides information about Assistive Technology tools to assist with note taking.

*Special thanks to Michael Papp, MS Rehabilitation Engineering, Rehabilitation Technology Specialist III, ADRS for permitting T.A.S.C. to post content from his 2011 ALATEC presentation on Note Taking.*


Microsoft Office is a program bundle that many of us are familiar with. This bundle includes Microsft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and a few other programs. You find these programs in most schools and workplaces.

Microsoft Word for Mac – Notebook View



Microsoft OneNote

• Organize text, pictures, digital handwriting, audio and video recordings into one location.
• Sync notes with audio.




Apple Does have it’s own version of Word and OneNote. Pages is very similar to Word and iOS Notes is very similar to OneNote. Both are well-made programs that link to all apple devices.

Accessibility with Apple

More Resources For Apple Notes

Google Docs

Livescribe Smartpen

• Written notes sync with recorded audio
• Download notes from pen directly to computer (allows for searching notes and sharing)
• Additional apps can be purchased for the pen
• Pre-record a “test” to allow a student to independently complete test and have it read aloud
• Can be used with Evernote, Facebook, Google Docs, and other mobile applications



•Web based account to organize notes, photographs, audio files.
•Works across various platforms including Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, etc.
•Additional applications available to create flashcards, Livescribe, Outlook, and many more.


Sonocent Audio NoteTaker

• Record or import audio into program and it will group into phrases.
• Easily allows audio to be edited and export key segments for reviewing.
• Sync audio with notes.


Low Tech/No Tech Note Taking

Carbonless Copy Notebooks
Cornell Notetaking Paper