Gifting Guide Day 8: Medication Helpers

Don’t lose track of your daily dose!

For many it can be difficult to keep track of medications. Divvying up daily dosages can be tedious. Opening pill bottles can be frustrating. Remembering if you’ve taken a dose can be confusing. Making sure a loved one is taken care of remotely can be worrisome. For all these issues…there is technology that can help!

Don’t hesitate to also look into prescription services if the technology isn’t meeting the health and safety standards you need to meet! Also check out these articles by HealthLine and Tech Enhanced Life that review several pill dispensing devices.

When purchasing any medication device look for the following features to improve accessibility and safety, remembering that the necessary technology is dependent upon the individual:

  • Audible or visual alerts to remind the user to take their medication.
  • Locks for individuals with memory issues who may try to access additional doses.
  • More robust technology that can offer remote connectivity to provide alerts to a caregiver if the medication hasn’t been accessed.
  • Easy to access containers for those with fine motor issues.
  • Travel friendly packaging for those who need to carry medication with them.
e-pill dispenser with compatible app

Automatic Pill Dispenser

  • There are a variety of automatic pill dispensers with differing features to suit your needs. They can have remote access, various alarms, prescription services, etc.
  • An example of a mid tech version which locks the dispenser until it’s time to take the medication. The device provides an audible and visual alarm at the time set up within the app.
  • A “simpler mid tech” version would be the Smart SF Pill Dispenser which eliminates the need to divvy out the dosages and instead tells you how many pills to take from the designated slot at specified times. Extremely helpful for those who don’t want to open several bottles every time it’s time to take their medication.
Collage of medication tools like a bottle opener, blister pack popper, and travel water bottle with pill dispenser

Medicine Aids under $20

  • If you’re looking for simple tools to help someone be a little more independent with their medication check out items like a pill bottle opener which makes it easier to grip lids, a travel bottle with pill dispenser which improves the convenience of taking medication on the go, or a pill popper to get medication out of those pesky blister packs!

Illustration of a hand holding a smartphone with medication reminder on the screen

Medicine Reminder Apps

  • Don’t forget your smart phone can be a handy dandy reminder tool! Set alarms or check the app store to find medication reminder apps. Be sure to read reviews to make sure the app will meet your needs.

Do you have a favorite medication technology that you’d like to share about? Comment below!

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This list is provided for informational purposes only as APTAT does not endorse specific products or brands. When purchasing be sure to thoroughly research the product features to ensure it will meet your individual needs.

Ashley is a member of the disability community and is an avid disability advocate. She has worked as a Rehabilitation Engineer and Assistive Technology Specialist at the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services since 2010. She also now serves as the Project Coordinator for APTAT. She earned a masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama and a bachelors in Materials Engineering from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. She welcomes any opportunity to mentor members of the disability community, teach about assistive technology, and promote rehab engineering. She also loves dogs, writing, and cooking!