Gifting Guide Day 11: Suvie for Disability?

It exists! It really does exist!

An oven that keeps your food cold until it’s time to cook. I have to admit I was intrigued and a little skeptical when I saw the commercial. But the concept is fantastic. Not only is it great for busy individuals who would like dinner ready when they get home…it really got my wheels turning about how this could work for individuals with disabilities.

While the cooking robot has many cooking features and the ability to control via the app the most intriguing feature to me is the “Scheduled Cool-to-Cook: Cool-to-cook technology keeps your meal safely refrigerated until it’s time to start cooking. Enter your mealtime whenever you’re ready, and Suvie does the rest.” Imagine the possibility of someone being able to have a fresh cooked meal that may normally have to rely on a care giver or the microwave.

Ways it could benefit:

  • A caregiver could prep a meal in the morning that can be scheduled to cook for the evening.
  • The countertop device can be placed where it is easy to reach.
  • The pans are small and easy to carry or manipulate.
  • All the cooking is performed within the device so no need to tend to the items with stirring or flipping.
  • As long as the person can safely manipulate the pans after cooking this is a safer alternative to cooking on a stovetop or trying to remove hot items from a large oven.
  • The programmed cooking settings make it easy for someone with confusion or memory difficulty to cook a meal.
  • It can be controlled with a smartphone which improves accessibility for those with vision difficulties who can utilize a screen reader.
  • Suvie offers prepackaged meal options with clear cooking instructions.

Find out more about the Suvie at And Check out this preview of the Suvie on Youtube.

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Ashley is a member of the disability community and is an avid disability advocate. She has worked as a Rehabilitation Engineer and Assistive Technology Specialist at the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services since 2010. She also now serves as the Project Coordinator for APTAT. She earned a masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama and a bachelors in Materials Engineering from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. She welcomes any opportunity to mentor members of the disability community, teach about assistive technology, and promote rehab engineering. She also loves dogs, writing, and cooking!