Holiday Gifting Guide Day 13: Bidet Seat
Alpha JX Bidet Toilet Seat with remote control installed in a bathroom

A bidet is a specialized bathroom fixture for cleaning yourself after using a toilet. While popular throughout the world, bidet fixtures still see limited use in the United States. Bidets may be a separate bathroom fixture that looks like a small wash basin next to a commode or may be a bidet toilet seat or a handheld bidet wand.

Bidets greatly aid in cleaning your backside after elimination, especially for people who have difficulty using toilet paper. Handheld bidet wands are the least expensive option, and require the user to manually clean their posterior. Cost of a bidet wand ranges from $50 to $150.

Bidet toilet seats are more expensive, but can do the job automatically, and this is typically what our rehabilitation engineers recommend when doing bathroom modifications. Bidet toilet seats cost from $300 to $1000+ depending on options. Reasonably priced models around $400 have features such as heated water, heater seat, different washing functions, automatic washing, heated air drying, remote controls, and may even have a night light around the rim. More expensive models have motorized lids and advanced cleaning functions.

I like to have hands-on experience with any assistive technology that I recommend, and so I purchased an Alpha JX  Bidet Toilet Seat for a round bowl, cost around $340, a few years ago from . This device has all of the must have features at a reasonable price. Based on experience, I have the following suggestions and observations. The bidet seat is larger than a standard toilet seat, making the opening smaller. If at all possible, I would recommend only installing a bidet seat on an elongated the toilet. The seats for round bowl toilets are smaller than most people are used to, but this may be a benefit for smaller users.  The heated water is a must have, and the automatic cleaning feature is highly recommended. I would recommend a seat with a remote control for anyone with mobility problems, as the remote can be placed or secures somewhere easily accessible. People like the heated seat, especially when the weather is cold. A quick, pre wipe for people with soft stool is recommended for a more complete clean. Be sure to measure the space from the toilet seat bolt holes to the back of the tank before ordering; as I mentioned before the bidet seat is larger than a standard toilet seat and may not fit all toilets. It takes longer to use the bidet seat than toilet paper alone, as the dry function may take a minute or two to cycle through. So bring some good reading material! Over all, bidet seats, especially when combine with a sheet or two of toilet paper, will result in better clean. And they make a huge difference in independence for people who are unable to reach to clean themselves at all.

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