Gifting Guide Day 10: Staying Hydrated!

Don’t let a physical limitation keep you from access to H2O!

We all have that overflowing cabinet of water bottles and cups that we got from here, there, and everywhere…right? But are all those beverage vessels useful to a person with a disability? Probably not. Let’s look at some ideas of beverage holders that might help!

When purchasing any beverage device look for the following features to improve accessibility and safety:

  • The ability to attach to the individual’s mobility device easily.
  • An option to securely use and position a straw if the user can’t pick up the bottle.
  • The size: it may need to be large enough to hold enough water for several hours or it may need to be small enough to be easily carried.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Easy to carry without spilling.

Bottle with long flexible hose or straw

  • A long flexible hose or straw makes it easy to position the straw close to the mouth so that the user can have direct access to their beverage at all times. This is important to consider when the device needs to be attached somewhere on the wheelchair where a user might not be able to reach it or may not have the ability to pick up their drink.
  • A Giraffe Bottle (pictured) for example, makes it easy to select a straw option that fits the user’s needs and the lid is already modified for the straw.
  • A rehab professional secret is to modify a standard drink cup with Modular Hose and food grade tubing (like a refrigerator water hose).

Camel Pack

  • A camel pack, originally intended for outdoor enthusiasts, is a great alternative when the user would like to have access to a larger quantity of beverage throughout the day. The bag can be hung from the back of a wheelchair or other mobility device and has a long tubular straw that is designed to come over the user’s shoulder. It could easily be adapted with modular hose to help position the straw near the mouth.
  • Pictured is the CamelBak Hydrobak available on Amazon.

Cup Holder

  • If your beverage vessel doesn’t come with a cup holder be sure to consider whether one is needed. There are a variety of options on the market and you’ll need to make sure it can attach properly to someone’s mobility device, bed, or workstation. You’ll also want to look for one that has flexibility in the size of bottle or cup it can accommodate.
  • Picture is a Mobility Cup Holder designed with a strap to attach to mobility devices.

Beverage Transport Helper

  • Maybe someone just needs help getting a beverage from point A to point B without spilling it. There are a few options on the market for devices that can help someone carry their beverage with “zero gravity” technology. One example is the SpillNot Drink Carrier (pictured).

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This list is provided for informational purposes only as APTAT does not endorse specific products or brands. When purchasing be sure to thoroughly research the product features to ensure it will meet your individual needs.