Gifting Guide Day 18: Mobile Device Accessories

Many people with and without disabilities rely on their mobility devices nearly 24/7. For some it can be life line, for many with disabilities it’s an outlet to the world. That’s why it’s important to keep the device powered and within reach. Let’s look at a few ideas of how we can achieve that!

power bank with solar panel

Power Bank

  • A power bank is an external charging device that can charge or power a mobile device when a wall outlet isn’t available. This is a great gift for someone who needs access to their device for multiple hours a day and/or isn’t able to be near a wall outlet or physically can’t plug their phone in to charge.
  • These little devices can range in features from high to low charge capacity, charging time, solar power, or input and output ports.
  • PRO TIP: Be sure you find a power bank that works with your device type and that will recharge your device multiple times before it needs to be recharged.

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Before and after image of a cord protector. this cord protector is a pink owl

Extra Cords and Charging Blocks

  • Keep spare cords and charging blocks in your travel bag, on your mobility device, or in your car. You never know when you might need one or when yours will go out. Extra cords and charging blocks are a great gift for someone who uses their devices regularly. Just be sure to note what type of cord is compatible with their device! Also consider what length cord they may need
  • I don’t recommend picking up cords from the local dollar store or at the counter of a gas station. These might be suitable short term but they won’t last long…
  • PRO TIP: If you’re gifting cords to someone who is susceptible to damaging their cords look for cords with a protective cover or purchase a cord protector. An example is pictured. Not only can cord protectors help to make sure the joint of the cable doesn’t get bent and frayed, a protector like the one pictured can provide better grip to plugging in the charger.

Find several varieties at Amazon or Best Buy.

collage of the Mount It mount on a table and attached to a wheelchair

Phone Mount

  • Mounting the phone or tablet can make a world of difference in accessing one’s device. Especially with all the new features of mouse emulation, head tracking, switch access, etc it’s important to make sure the device is mounted so the user can adequately see the screen.
  • Mounting the device to a wheelchair can also help make sure the device doesn’t fall and get damaged while the user is moving about.
  • Pictured is a Mount-It tablet wheelchair mount that I’ve recommended before. It’s a decent less expensive option for mounting to a round pole or table. There are more substantial versions that have a higher price tag…I like those too. There are also cheaper versions of device mounts that you can even get from places like Five Below. Just know that you’re pretty much getting what you paid for! Make sure you test the mount in the environment to make sure it won’t fail and potentially ruin the user’s device.
  • I also want to note that their are floor stand versions of mounts, there are device holders that can strap to a person like what runners use, and there are even phone mounts that are commonly used by bicyclist. Pick a version that works best for the user and how they need to utilize their device.

Find several varieties at Amazon or Best Buy.

Adonit stylus targeting a cell phone

Adonit Dash Stylus

  • I’ve trialed a lot of styluses and by far the Adonit Dash Stylus has been one of my favorites. The Adonit line of styluses creates it’s own electrical charge so it doesn’t require that the stylus fits into the users hand a certain way to create current. Because of that it also has a fine tip point, whereas many styluses have to have the large rubber tip so that the device will recognize it.
  • The Dash stylus has a magnetic usb charger so it’s easy to pop on and off to charge and it doesn’t require bluetooth connection…making it even more user friendly.

Find out more about the Adonit styluses.

Do you have a favorite mobile device accessory that you’d like to share about? Comment below!

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