Gifting Guide Day 6: Tools to Make Notetaking Easier

Anyone would benefit from these notetaking tools, especially students!

These notetaking tools do more than just pen and paper or an audio recorder. They connect written notes with audio recording in a whole new way. There are other tools besides the ones I have included that are great to help with notetaking, and your choice will likely vary based on which device you use.

Livescribe Symphony

The Livescribe Symphony smart pen utilizes the Livescribe+ app on your smartphone, computer, or tablet to record the audio from what the teacher is saying while also saving your handwritten notes. The student can tap the written notes on the device to play back what was being said later when studying. This device retails around $100.

Notability app on iPad

The Notability app is available on the iPad for notetaking. This app allows users to record audio while simultaneously typing, writing, including images, and more. When later reviewing notes, they are able to tap any part of their notes to play back the audio. This app can be downloaded on the iPad for around $10.

Glean Note Taking

Glean software records audio notes so users can capture and learn from information more effectively. One aspect that is great about this software is that it will work on a number of devices, from Chromebooks to iPads to Android devices. Download a free thirty day trial here to help you decide if this is a good fit. This software is purchased as a subscription for around $12 per month.

Comment below if you have any other notetakers that are helpful in the classroom! I am always looking for new ideas to help students.