Gifting Guide Day 3: Tools To Make DIY Easier

Your favorite DIYer needs these tools!

DIY can be fun but super tedious if you’re battling certain limitations. The “tools” for a successful project are endless so here are just a few options that come to mind.

Drill Guide

  • A drill guide can help if it’s difficult to keep the drill upright or in place.

Adaptive Scissors

  • Easy grip scissors can be safer and easier to manipulate with hand weakness.
  • PRO TIP: Be sure you’re using the right scissors for the job!

Electric Screwdriver

  • One of my favorite tools!
  • An electric screwdriver is perfect for those tasks where a drill has a bit too much power but a using a manual screwdriver might be tedious, fatiguing, or painful.
  • PRO TIP: Don’t forget the bits!

Measuring Devices

  • An easy see tape measure, talking tape measure, or laser measure can help where taking measurements might be physically, cognitively, or visually difficult to achieve.
  • PRO TIP: Pick a laser measure that connects to an app to log the measurements or aid in drawing room layouts!

Magnifying Light

  • Lighting is an important part of any workshop. If it’s difficult to see your project it can be unsafe and discouraging. Select a magnifying lamp for tasks that require fine motor or delicate attention.
  • An articulating arm on a clamp can make it easy to position the lamp anywhere in your workshop.

Do you have a favorite workshop product that you’d like to share about? Comment below!

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This list is provided for informational purposes only as APTAT does not endorse specific products or brands. When purchasing be sure to thoroughly research the product features to ensure it will meet your individual needs.