Gifting Guide Day 4: Banking on Gift Cards

Having a disability can be expensive!

There are products and services that people with disabilities either spend a lot of money on throughout the year OR wish they could. Gift cards can be a welcome gift to help all year!

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  • There are a variety of reasons someone may not be able to drive their own vehicle. Transportation services can eat up a good chunk of someone’s budget. A person or family might be grateful to have a transportation card, rideshare gift card/credit, or extra money to rent an accessible vehicle.
  • If you’re not able to spend a lot yourself, maybe consider offering them a ride when possible.

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Grocery or Food Delivery

  • Chronic pain or fatigue, lack of transportation, vision difficulties, mobility impairments, anxiety, memory difficulty, schedules full of medical appointments, and many other limitations can make it difficult to manage grocery shopping or going out to dinner. Grocery and food delivery is a service that boomed in 2020 but delivery fees can really add up. Having a gift card to take advantage of the convenience of food and grocery delivery would be a luxury to some!

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E-Books or Audiobooks

  • Reading is a hobby for many but some limitations can make it difficult to manipulate or read a hard copy book. And buying numerous books a year can also be costly. E-books or audiobooks can accommodate many disabilities and having the extra money to spend on one’s hobby is rather satisfying!

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Streaming Services

  • Being able to watch new movies or your favorite TV shows in the comfort of your own home can be a fantastic accommodation! But streaming service fees can add up. It could reduce someone’s stress to know they have an annual subscription to their favorite streaming service!

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  • The cost of medical supplies, copays, caregivers, etc can leave many families without the extra money to enjoy extracurricular activities. Find out if they might be interested in an activity like going to the zoo, the movies, a cooking class, a theme park, or another local favorite and offer to purchase tickets or a gift card to their preferred attraction.
  • Don’t forget they may need special transportation arrangements!

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  • Paying for special services might be a luxury to some and a necessity for others. If they utilize or would like to utilize lawn care, maid, respite, caregiver, culinary, or other home maintenance services (like weatherproofing a ramp!) having a gift card or the extra money to pay for one of these services might be a great benefit.

Do you have a favorite place to spend giftcards that you’d like to share? Comment below!

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