Self-Feeding and Cooking – a list of various items, pictures & links

Category Equipment Name Picture Description Vendor
Kitchen Supplies One-Handed Cutting Board One-Handed Cutting Board One handed cutting board with nails to hold food in place when cutting & a corner guards to keep bread from sliding when cutting or spreading

Kitchen Supplies Brush with Suction Cups Brush with Suction Cups Allows for one-handed veggie cleaning

Kitchen Supplies Stove Knob Turner Stove Knob Turner Helps if you have difficulty grasping & turning the stove knob or reaching over hot pots

Cups & Drinking Aids One-way Valve Straws One-way Valve Straws Assists if you have a weak suck & decreases swallowing air

Cups & Drinking Aids Provale Cup Provale Cup Delivers a fixed amount of liquid with every drinking motion

Cups & Drinking Aids Wonder-Flo Cup Wonder-Flo Cup For drinking in semi-reclined position

Cups & Drinking Aids Snorkel Lid Snorkel Lid Feeding cups control the flow of liquids; When you cover the hole or air vent the liquid must be sucked; When uncovered liquid will flow

Cups & Drinking Aids Nosey Cup Nosey Cup Cut-outs for the nose so you can drink without tipping your head back or extending your neck; Helps to maintain proper positioning

Plates & Bowls Food Guard Food Guard Clip on your plate to help with scooping & keeping food from sliding off

Plates & Bowls Scoop Bowl Scoop Bowl Helps by scooping food against an edge & keeping it in the bowl

Plates & Bowls Suction Bowls & Plates Suction Bowls & Plates Help prevent it from sliding on the table

Utensils Extension Utensils Extension Utensils Useful if you have limited range of motion

Utensils T-grip Bendable Utensils T-grip Bendable Utensils T-grip is useful for persons with a weak grasp

Utensils Flexible Utensils Flexible Utensils Aids in grasp

Utensils Swivel Utensils Swivel Utensils Helps to keep food on the utensil when turned at any angle

Utensils Built Up Handles & Bendable Utensils Built Up & Bendable Useful for decreased range of motion

Utensils Weighted Utensils Weighted Utensils Helps to decrease hand & arm tremors when eating

Utensils Foam Tubing Foam Tubing Use of foam tubing or padding to build up handles on your own

Utensils Universal Cuff U-cuff For use when you have limited grasping abilities

Utensils Universal Cuff Right Angle Pocket U-cuff right angle Positions utensil at right angle to the palm for more natural use

Utensils Rocker Knife Rocker Knife Decreases amount of strength needed & allows for one-hand cutting