Pencil Grips & Adapted Pencils for Writing

Category Equipment Name Picture Vendor
Stetro Grip Plastic molded with finger indentations. Star indicates thumb placement. Forefinger and middle finger fit comfortably into the other two indentations. For use with both the left and right hand.

Start Right Pencil Grip Designed by an to correct improper grasp and keep the web space open. A barrier prevents the thumb from overlapping and a rim keeps fingers at the correct distance from the pencil tip. Fits regular pencils. Comes in assorted colors. Latex free.

Solo Grip For both right and left handed writers. Place the thumb on the imprinted R or L, the index finger in the front groove diagonally from the thumb, and now you are ready to write! Comes in assorted colors.

The Pencil Grip A soft rubber grip that measures 1-1/4″ long and 1″ wide promotes the correct writing grip. Clearly visible letters indicate where the thumb should be placed for either the right or left hand. A very comfortable grip. Latex free.

The Jumbo Pencil Grip So comfortable for the larger hand! Shaped like The Pencil Grip, but bigger. Measures 2″ long by 1-1/4″ at its widest point narrowing to the end to 3/4″ across. Perfect for a pencil or pen that is the size of a pencil.

Grotto Grip Places the fingers in a mature tripod grasp every time! The specialized angles and finger guards promote an open web space and hand and palmer arching. Discourages hyper-mobility at the joints of the thumb and index finger. Once fingers are placed correctly, the Grotto Grip prevents the user from reverting back to immature hand grasps. For both the left and right hands. Latex free.

Writing Claw Grip A great new grip that naturally places fingers in a functional tripod grasp/open web space position! Just place the thumb in the largest of the 3 shallow cups and the index finger and middle finger in the other 2 cups. Fits pens, pencils, crayons, and markers. For left or right handers. Comes in the following sizes: Small – 4 to 6 years of age; Medium – 6 to 9 years of age; Large – 10 years to adult

Crossover Pencil Grip This is “The Pencil Grip” shape with “wings” which help to maintain the proper tripod, 3-finger, grasp by keeping the index finger and thumb from “crossing over.” For either the right or left hand. The shape, combined with the soft material, offers support, comfort and assistance with finger placement.

Handi-Writer This comfortable device promotes correct positioning and holding of a writing tool. Designed for those with poor hand strength or inappropriate grasp patterns, this aid is also helpful for those who are learning to write. Follow enclosed instructions and the hand will form the tripod grip. Comes in assorted colors.

RinG-Pen An innovative tool that does not require a solid tripod grasp. One finger (either index or middle) goes through the ring in the ergonomically designed barrel, which is held lightly by the other fingers. Helps eliminate muscle pain, and can reduce tremors associated with writing. Comes with two refills.

Twist ‘n Write Pencils Designed specifically for a child’s hand. The unique Y design where the index finger cradles onto a comfortable surface, allows the hand not to have to grip the pencil and actually encourages the fingers into the correct tripod grasp. This reduces tension and stress throughout the fingers, hand and wrist. Now write longer with greater ease. Great for anyone who has to write a lot or tends to squeeze the pencil too tightly. Mechanical pencil with thick #2 lead that never needs sharpening. Erasers on side of pencil. 3-1/2″ long.