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Accessing Potential Through Assistive Technology

Top iPad Applications for Autism

There are many applications available that assist with the daily challenges that may arise from an autism diagnosis. These range from communication apps to behavior management apps, and more! For more information on autism and to see what resources are available in the Tennessee valley, visit: Soundingboard –… SmallTalk Pain Scale –… My…
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GRE – Graduate Readiness Exam

Accessibility information regarding the GRE (Graduate Readiness Exam). This exam is used as an entrance exam into graduate school programs and is generally taken during or just after the completion of an undergraduate degree. To apply for accessibility options before taking the exam, contact ETS Disability Services at or by creating an ETS account…
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OverDrive App Demo (E-book/Audio Library)

E-book/Audiobook library app overview for individuals of all ages and abilities to access reading materials for education and enjoyment.

NantMobile Money Reader App Demonstration

NantMobile Money Reader app–great for students with visual impairment and those who struggle with money identification.

Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Augmented Reality (AR) and practical classroom use of the Aurasma AR app.    

Boeing Webinars

The following webinars are sponsored by Boeing. New webinars will be added as they are created. Check back for new videos!  The Benefits and Challenges of Technology  This webinar will talk about appropriate use of technology for children and how to balance out the benefits and challenges of technology in young children’s lives. 

Adapting Toys

Adapting toys can seem overwhelming, but anyone can adapt a toy to be switch accessible! This lesson will teach you how to solder, how to make switch ports, and how to adapt a toy. If you have any questions about this module or would like to have in-person training for this module please email  PART…
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AT for Attention

There are a lot of tools and devices to help those with disabilities focus. Below are a few categories with different tools to help with focusing! This list is always being updated! If you have any resources you would like to share please leave it in the comment section below and we will add it…
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Alternative Computer Access

This module will guide you through alternative types of computer access and different ways to control the computer. Please take note of which version of operating system (OS X El Capitan or Windows 10 for example) the resource is for as software and hardware for computers is always rapidly changing!  If you see a product…
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All About Switches

Do you have a student who needs to use a switch for access? Do you have a student that needs to progress from cause and effect to scanning? This course is designed to explain what a switch is, how it is used and to identify software that can support your switch user for use on…
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Picture Symbols

These modules provide information about picture symbols including how to create them and implement them effectively. Creating Picture Symbols Using Microsoft PowerPoint (Free Solution!)  Creating Picture Symbols in PowerPoint Directions for Creating Picture Symbols Using Microsoft PowerPoint *Don’t forget you could always use labels, boxes, wrappers (Environmental Print), and pictures from magazines to create picture…
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Low Tech AT

This module will provide lessons on how to create low assistive technology solutions using materials available at hardware stores, electronic stores, and Dollar Trees! Free Tools Glossary Eye Gaze Frame This lesson provides instruction on creating a PVC Eye Gaze Frame to assist in communication. Eye Gaze Frame Directions Mouse House This lesson provides information…
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AT in the Classroom

This course contains modules focused on general information about AT in the classroom. Please view our other modules for more specific ideas and instructions.  Accessibility: A Guide for Educators (Microsoft)  Hey! Can I Try That- A student Handbook for Choosing and Using AT Universal Design   National Center on Universal Design for Learning  Tool Kit (OSEP)…
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Note Taking

This course provides information about Assistive Technology tools to assist with note taking. *Special thanks to Michael Papp, MS Rehabilitation Engineering, Rehabilitation Technology Specialist III, ADRS for permitting T.A.S.C. to post content from his 2011 ALATEC presentation on Note Taking.* Microsoft Microsoft Office is a program bundle that many of us are familiar with. This bundle includes…
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Adapting Books

Physical, visual, and learning disabilities can make it difficult for individuals to access standard printed materials. This module provides information on ways to adapt books. *Please respect copyrighted materials. If you are adapting a book, make sure to always have the original book paired with the adapted book.* Adapting Books Adapted Books Template Download Using the…
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AT and the IEP Information

This course provides information on how the IEP must include assistive technology and implementation. AT & the IEP: Considering Assistive Technology Webinar presented by Nancy Anderson, ADAP, and Laura Parks, T.A.S.C., and originally presented on February 13, 2013. AT & IEP Slide Presentation Download AT and the IEP Handout Download

Low Tech AT for Handwriting

This module will explore low tech assistive technology solutions to use with children who may have difficulty with handwriting. Positioning  DIY Slant Board from Virginia Department of Education’s Training & Technical Assistance Center at VCU  DIY Slant Board from pediatric OT blog Pens & Pencils  Database of Pencil Grips & Adapted Pencils for Writing Alternate…
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Early Intervention

Here are some resources from the EI 2013 Conference! Out with the Old and in with the New Technology EI Flip Book Playing in Action for Everyone  AbleNet’s Action Dictionary Playing in Action for Everyone Everyone can Play Powerpoint iPad Stuff Using iPad to Develop Age- Appropriate Skills

Read & Write For Google

The following video reviews how to use the free application Read & Write for Google Chrome. Presented by David Salmon, Teacher On Jan 22nd, 2015 If video is blurry, click the settings icon and change quality to 720p HD.  

Using Technology to Prepare for Employment

In this course, you fill find lessons in using technology to help prepare for employment. There are a lot of wonderful resources out there! Please follow the links below for more information. Exploring Careers  Career Videos-Career One Stop  Exploring Career Information-Bureau of Labor Statistics Searching for Jobs Jobs in Alabama: Jobs  Alabama State Personnel…
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GED – High School Equivalency Exam

Access information related to the GED exam. This module includes testing center locations, preparing for the test, apps, and accommodations. Please click the links below for more information.  GED Basics  Alabama State GED Testing Program  YoutTube-GED Testing Service’s Channel  Accommodations for Testing Practice Tests  GED Testing Service’s Free Practice Test  GED Study Guide .org Free Practice…
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AT in College

<p”>Whether you are going to Auburn or Alabama, a local community college, a tech school, or any other post-secondary institution, assistive technology can help you be successful in accessing Curriculum. Make sure to check out the other modules in the Education category for other ideas and help in the education setting! Also please check out…
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QR Codes in the Classroom

This video teaches how to use and create QR codes in the classroom. Presented by Elizabeth Stewart, M. Ed., NBCT on September 30, 2015 If video is blurry, click the settings icon and change quality to 720p HD.

How to Record a Webinar Using a Mac

This video teaches you how to record your own webinar on a Mac for free! This is a great way to teacher others how you solved an AT problem or teach someone how to use a program. If you have a video you created related to AT please send it to and we will…
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Cyber Bullying

What is Cyberbullying and how should we deal with it? This webinar by David Lang answers those questions and more. You will be provided with resources on how to cope with cyber bullying and how you should react. Presented by David Lang of Glenwood, Inc and the Huntsville Public Library on September 4, 2015 If…
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